# Configuration Reference

This section provides information about all available configuration values.

# Route Inclusion Patterns

Herodot will add all routes to the documentation that match your inclusion patterns. Patterns will be matched against route names and URIs. An asterisk (*) may be used as a wildcard to match any characters.

return [
    'include' => [
        '*', // Include every route
        'api.*', // Include all API routes (as identified by their name)
        'api/v0/*', // Include all routes with a shared prefix
        'auth.login', // Include a single, specific route

# Route Exclusion Patterns

Exclusion patterns allow to selectively exclude previously included routes. Exclusion patterns always precede inclusion patterns. This is useful to make sure some specific routes won't be included.

return [
    'include' => [
        'internal.*', // Exclude all internal routes        

        '*beta*', // Exclude all beta routes
        '/some/specific/route' // Exclude a specific route

# Active Extraction Strategies

This list contains all active extraction strategies you want to run during information gathering. By default, all available strategies will be executed, but you can add your own strategy or a third-party extension strategy here.
Make sure to list all strategies your application requires.

return [
    'strategies' => [

# OpenAPI

The OpenAPI section allows you to customize the way the OpenAPI file is written.

return [
    'openapi' => [
        'version' => '1.0.0',
        'name' => env('APP_NAME'),
        'api_url' => env('APP_URL'),
        'output_format' => 'yaml',
        'output_file' => public_path('openapi.yaml'),

# Available Settings

  • version
    The current version of your API. Corresponds to the info.version (opens new window) field in the spec.
  • name
    The name of your API. Corresponds to the info.title (opens new window) field in the spec.
  • api_url
    The name of your API. Corresponds to the servers[0].url (opens new window) field in the spec.
  • output_format
    OpenAPI allows JSON or YAML as its file format. Accordingly, you may use yaml or json here to set the format the OpenAPI writer should use.
  • output_file
    The path to the OpenAPI file being generated.

# Code Inference

Obviously, extracting information from source code without further hints is a little error-prone and might lead to unexpected results due to your code style. To prevent surprises, all code inference features can be toggled on and off separately in the configuration.

# Hiding methods by underscore prefixes

This setting controls whether route handler methods prefixed with an underscore will be hidden from the documentation output: